Magic With the Magician – Pt 1

Life is a play, and the earth is my stage. Air is my voice, fire is my passion, water is my flow, and spirit is my persona, guiding me as I play my role.

~Owen Alexander

I’m looking for something.

That’s a lie.

I’m looking for someone, and he’s the reason I’m alive.

I can’t get into the details right now, but just know, he’s more precious to me than the air I breathe. I don’t know what he looks like, but he probably has green eyes like me. Perhaps he’s blond, too. But maybe not. I wonder if his skin is as pale as mine or if he’s my opposite in every way. It’s never happened before, of course, but sometimes, when I close my eyes, I see him.

Green eyes like emeralds, brunette hair with the slightest wave to it, and skin a light brown. He even kind of looks like me, but there are two things missing when I see him in my mind’s eye. He’s missing the birthmark that wraps around my bicep, a thin line that looks oddly reminiscent of a snake with its forked tongue sticking out and a mole dotting the eye. He’s also missing the small discoloration of a brown spot in his eye, as if, for a moment, our eyes tried to be something other than green, as if a stronger power tried to take over a magic as ancient as his bloodline.

But it doesn’t matter; I’ll know him the moment my eyes land on him. We’re destined to be together, he, my sovereign, and me, his sword and shield, if he so chooses to have me.

I’m sure the young man is who I’m looking for, but I haven’t found him yet.

But I think I know someone who can help me find him.

Have you ever heard the myths of the Sibyl of Legend and Time? I have, but I thought she was just that: a myth, a legend, a time witch belonging to stories of old. I should’ve known better.

All stories are true, at least partially.

Perception is easily clouded when magic is involved.

Fae? Dragons, mermaids, unicorns, and more? Myths generated out of Norms misconstruing the magic they saw performed before their very eyes. A strong glamour can go a long way in making people see something that isn’t there. Stronger ones can even fool the most powerful of Casters into believing what they’re seeing is real.

Vampires, zombies, ghouls, and ghosts? Oh, yeah, necromancers had their fun with Norms on those ones. Assholes.

The list of magical not-truths goes on and on, but one truth remains: a Norm saw it.

It just wasn’t real.

It took a few hundred years for the guilds to decide, “Hey, screwing with Norms probably isn’t a very good idea.” They finally banned the right to use magic in front of the non-magical humans of society.

But you want to know a secret?

The gods used to walk among us.

It’s true. They did. It’s where the mages and witches of today originate from.

The gods bred demigods, Casters with incredible magic. But that was eons ago, and mortal breeding has diluted that blood to the Spellcasters of today. They have magic, but they are far from gods. They aren’t even demigods, despite their lineage. They are magical mortals; nothing more, nothing less.

Sometimes, that magic dies out, and a child is born a Norm.

But that doesn’t mean the gods have abandoned us. They still watch over mortals from afar. They gift the strong, favor the tenacious, and whisper to the curious.

Those blessed by the gods are called “elementals,” people who can wield one of the elements.

You want to know another secret?

I wasn’t gifted with my affinities nor my tremendous power. I’m also not a Caster. I’m a Magician, the only one of my line still alive.

I was born with the power to wield all five of the elements, using them together to control more than just air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. I can overlap them and turn earth to stone, stone to steel or gemstones. I can turn air to steaming mist, steaming mist to a cloud, a cloud to a thunderstorm. But one must always be careful when they toy with the elements; they’re as sentient as you or I, and they don’t like to be played with.

Sometimes, they like to toy with you.

But not me. Never me. Never my bloodline, and to keep it alive, I need to find that man.

But I don’t know his name. I don’t even know where he is. But he’s out there.

I can feel him in my blood. It’s like a compass, pointing me in every direction at once. Until I find him, I won’t know which way to look. All I know is he’s not here.

But I know where the Sibyl is, if the rumors in the Magical Community are to be believed. And she may be good at staying hidden from the guilds hunting her, but I’m fairly certain I can find her if she’s real. Why hide from someone who isn’t a threat to her? Why hide from someone who can give her exactly what she needs? I can give her a place to hide that no one will ever find her, and in exchange, all I need is for her to use her prophetic powers to find the man I’m looking for.

She’ll never be safer, and I’ll have fulfilled my destiny.

Now all that’s left to do is pack and head for Seattle.


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