Light of Chaos #1

King’s Chaos

Meet Sam, a feisty Spellcaster with a bow in her hand and an attitude as cutting as her arrows. Join the battle as Sam fights for her life in Kings Chaos, the chilling and bewitching opening to the Light of Chaos series.

Samantha Anders is over the BS in her life. She can’t count the number of times Cardinal Sun mages have attacked her, threatened her, and been a general pain in her ass. Being the Legendary Sibyl has made her life a living hell. It isn’t like she asked for the ability to time travel.

When the ancient magic of Chaos flares, Sam is dragged back sixteen hundred years into the past and thrown at the mercy of new enemies. If that isn’t bad enough, Jeph, the self-confident mage trying to kill her, is taken along for the ride. Luckily for Sam, he needs to keep her alive in order to get home. Unfortunately, he’s a rude, obnoxious flirt who likes to kill people—which would be fine, except altering the past means irrevocably changing their future.

If they can survive the Dark Ages, they’ll be forced to face each other…and the war within their hearts.

Tags: Paranormal Romance, Action, Adventure, Time Travel, LGBTQIA+, Dark Ages, Enemies-to-Lovers, Magic

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