Light of Chaos #2

Hunter’s Mark

The next installment in the Light of Chaos series, Hunter’s Mark, keeps the punches rolling. Literally. They’ll stop eventually…right?

Back in present-day Seattle, Samantha Anders is still dealing with the aftermath of her journey to the Dark Ages with secretive-but-gorgeous necromancer Jeph. As if lust hexes and lingering feelings for the infuriating man weren’t enough, Sam is still captive in overbearing Elite Hunter Evander’s compound. He wants something from her but won’t tell her what it is…and even if she knew, she isn’t about to aid her enemy.

Or that’s what she thinks—until a shocking confession reveals their parents’ deaths are linked.

Now, Sam and Evander will stop at nothing to unravel the web of secrets and lies tangling up their shared past. What they uncover will force a team of unlikely allies to band together to rescue a valuable hostage from their ruthless oppressor. If they succeed, they will piss off a powerful enemy. If they fail, they will be responsible for bringing the world to its knees.

Tags: Paranormal Romance, Action, Time Travel, LGBTQIA+, Enemies-to-Lovers, Magic, Merlin

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