Light of Chaos #3.5

Warrior’s Glaive

Warrior’s Glaive, book 3.5 of the Light of Chaos series, begins an epic adventure unlike anything you’ve seen before. Travel the Dead World, dance with the Devil, and get lost in the Underworld.

Forced to rise to destiny, Phoenix enters the Dead World. It’s not the hellscape he imagined, but the world’s beauty doesn’t detract from the dangers he faces—dangers dredged up from ancient prophecies that altered his past and even now threaten his future. All because a sun spirit dragged him into the war between gods.

But the spirit isn’t as he appears—he’s the fallen son of Ra, and Ramses needs Phoenix’s help retrieving the warrior godling’s glaive.

To collect the godblade, Phoenix will have to make a deal with the Devil—rather, Hades. In exchange for the surly god’s protection, Phoenix must journey across Hades, retrieve the four godstones, and liberate the Forsaken. But that’s easier said than done, considering an ancient monster stands in his way.

Is confronting Tartarus and bartering his soul worth the reward?

Tags: Paranormal Romance, Action, Adventure, LGBTQIA+, Greek Gods, Egyptian Gods, Underworld

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