Light of Chaos #3

Knight’s Sword

Knight’s Sword invites readers to get inside the minds of their favorite characters and learn their darkest secrets. Meet the Monster, discover the Merlin, and uncover the past. Destinies begin in the Light of Chaos.

Reeling from the loss of her best friend, Samantha Anders searches desperately for a way to set him free from the cursed amulet he’s trapped within. But when a hexed grimoire offers a deadly solution, she’ll be forced to walk a path of darkness. If she fails, it could cost Sam her life.

Jeph Michealson can’t seem to find his center. One minute, it’s Sam’s smile. The next, he’s free falling in the abyss where the Monster rules his heart. Forced to play a dangerous role as the liaison between two rival guilds, he’ll have to embody the monster within him in order to survive.

As a theater major, playing a role has always been Owen Merlin’s strong suit. Good thing, too. When he decides to infiltrate the Sterling Moon guild, he knows any second could be his last. And when a fellow Cadet learns his secret, he’ll find more trouble than he bargained for.

Every decision has consequences, and for Sam, Jeph, and Owen, each choice is a double-edged blade waiting to strike them where they’re most vulnerable…

Tags: Paranormal Romance, Action, LGBTQIA+, Merlin, King Arthur, Greek Gods, Dark Ritual Magic

Available on Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover

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