“Presenting, our royal Queen of Chaos, Alexandra I.”

~Trisha Karolina, NJ, USA.

“Alexandra unleashes chaos in this New Adult novel. Full of shenanigans, self-driven characters and a magically charged world, you won’t be able to put it down”

~Gerardo Torrez, AZ, USA.

“From the first page, King’s Chaos had me gripping my seat in anticipation. As I followed Sam’s adventure, I was expecting her to die at every turn! With a dynamic cast of characters, the author wove a story that was interesting, heart-wrenching, and fully capable of anything. I highly recommend the read and will be coming back for more!”

~Selina Ahnert, AR, USA.

“Anybody can write a fantasy story and a lot of people can write a great book, but only Alexandra can create a magical story of magic, edge-of-your-seat action, and characters you don’t ever want to stop reading about. If you’ve ever read a series that’s made you want to laugh, cry, cheer, and want to do it again, don’t just read these books. Be like Sam and EMBRACE the Chaos.”

~Nigel Hemmings, WA, USA.

“From the very first sentence of ‘King’s Chaos’, it is obvious how much Alexandra puts her black candle of a soul into every one of her characters. Honest yet mysterious, magical yet real, emotional yet snarky, it’s a delightfully-dichotomous chaos of a book. Dark pasts come together to light each other up with personalities that leap off the page. You’ll find yourself saying you need this kind of chaos in your life!”

~Violet Corniun, WA, USA