The World of Chaos

New Release!

King’s Chaos, book 1 in the Light of Chaos series is now available on Amazon!

Hunter’s Mark, book 2 in the Light of Chaos series is available for preorder. Release date: March 20, 2020.

Knight’s Sword, book 3 in the Light of Chaos series is in review with an anticipated fall 2020 publish date.

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Magic With the Magician – Pt 1

Life is a play, and the earth is my stage. Air is my voice, fire is my passion, water is my flow, and spirit is my persona, guiding me as I play my role. ~Owen Alexander I’m looking for something. That’s a lie. I’m looking for someone, and he’s the reason I’m alive. I can’t […]

Mischief With Jeph

What’s a bit of harmless fun? ~Jeph Michealson Hey there! I’m Jeph, and I’m a guild mage. Not just a guild mage, I’m actually on the Council. I’m also kind of a dick. What? Evander already told you about that? Figures. He’s not wrong. I just can’t help but be…creative with the fun I have […]

Guild Hunters 101

I hate my job. ~Evander Hunter Hi, my name is Evander, and I’ll be your guide to learning everything there is to know about guild mages and the Magical Community as a whole. First things first, they’re all certified nut jobs. That’s right. Nut. Jobs. If you don’t believe me, try to have a conversation […]