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The Light of Chaos Series

King’s Chaos, book 1 in the Light of Chaos series is now available on Amazon!

Hunter’s Mark, book 2 in the Light of Chaos series is now available on Amazon!

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Knight’s Sword, book 3 in the Light of Chaos series, is in review. Release date TBA!

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Dirt Boy

In a faraway kingdom, there was a boy with a heart of gold and hair the sandy-brown color of dirt. He had eyes a hazel brown and green that mimicked the land. He was a beautiful boy, and many loved and adored him, but when his father suddenly died in a tragic accident, he was […]

Magic With the Magician

Life is a play, and the earth is my stage. Air is my voice, fire is my passion, water is my flow, and spirit is my persona, guiding me as I play my role. ~Owen Alexander I’m looking for something. That’s a lie. I’m looking for someone, and he’s the reason I’m alive. I can’t […]

Dinner For Two

“You’re buying,” Jeph said after the waitress seated us at a table. “What! But you picked this place—and it looks expensive.” He shrugged. “You’re the one that wants to wine and dine me. I said I was fine, but you insisted.” I scowled, pulling my wallet from my pocket and leafing through the tips I’d […]