The World of Chaos

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King’s Chaos, book 1 in the Light of Chaos series is now available on Amazon!

Hunter’s Mark, book 2 in the Light of Chaos series is now available on Amazon!

Latest News:

Knight’s Sword, book 3 in the Light of Chaos series is in review with an anticipated fall 2020 publish date.

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Magic With the Magician

Life is a play, and the earth is my stage. Air is my voice, fire is my passion, water is my flow, and spirit is my persona, guiding me as I play my role. ~Owen Alexander I’m looking for something. That’s a lie. I’m looking for someone, and he’s the reason I’m alive. I can’t […]

Dinner For Two

“You’re buying,” Jeph said after the waitress seated us at a table. “What! But you picked this place—and it looks expensive.” He shrugged. “You’re the one that wants to wine and dine me. I said I was fine, but you insisted.” I scowled, pulling my wallet from my pocket and leafing through the tips I’d […]

Magic With the Magician – Pt 4

Any day now. Any day, I’m going to find the Sibyl. She’s going to magically appear right next me, and I’m going to say something clever like, “Hey there, I’m Owen, and boy do I have deal for you!” And she’s going to look at me with large, shining eyes and thank me for being […]