Characters of Chaos

Samantha Anders

Sam enjoys shenanigans and archery. When she’s not being hunted by guild mages, she can be found in the graveyard, talking to her mother’s tombstone. Her powers include time travel, spacial shifts, and the ability to see ghosts and auras. She is considered to be a legendary sassmaster.

Bennu (Phoenix) of Zau

Phoenix is Sam’s babysitter, or guardian, depending on the day. Dead for over two millennia, this ghost could use some anger management or a vacation. He’d be happy with either. When he’s not playing lookout for Sam, he’s hiding in the ether.

Evander Hunter

Evander has a gentle heart, caring spirit, and lethal fighting skills. He enjoys solitude and basking in his element. When he’s not being ordered around by Phantom, he can be found hiding in his late mother’s attic, studying spells and rituals. He is an air elemental with the temper of a raging storm.

Jeph Michealson

Jeph likes spilling blood and spending time with his best friend. When he’s not holed up in the Archives reading, don’t bother looking for him—he’s hiding within his shadows, stalking his latest victim. He obeys the monsters, whether within the guild or within his head. His morbid sense of humor stems from his necromancy, dark magic, and his past.

Owen Merlin

Owen is the last magician of his bloodline. When he’s not center-stage for his latest production, he can be found immersed in nature practicing magic. Wielder of all five of the elements and trained in the art of the sword and shield, he’s ready to take on his destiny to protect the person he cherishes above all else. He just hasn’t found them yet.

Vincent Ravenhart

Vincent loves few things, but they are vital to his survival: fashion, shopping, and hot men. Sure, he loves his bestest-best friend, but Jeph always gets them into dangerous situations—blood so isn’t good for his wardrobe. When he’s not checking out fine tooshies, he’s drinking expensive wine and fantasizing about the one who got away. An intuition mage and a flirt, Vincent manages to get himself into trouble without the help of his morbid best friend.